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#78 Ben Hylden: How do we keep the faith during our toughest tragedies?

#78 Ben Hylden: How do we keep the faith during our toughest tragedies?

With the growing lack of life skills being taught, athletes are unequipped for adulthood which is causing major issues especially with mental health. We at 4D Athletes have developed online programs to better equip individuals for life both in and out of sports. Check out this demo link on “The Power of a Positive Attitude” to see how we are helping athletes Win in the Game of Life! Here is a demo link to view what a week of content looks like for 6th-12th graders: In Episode 78 of the 4D Athletes Podcast, Jim and Jason are joined by Ben Hylden who is the author of “Finding Faith in the Field Ben Hylden grew up on a dairy farm near Park River, ND where he went to high school and played basketball, football, and track. However, on April 6, 2007 at the age of 16, everything changed. Ben was in a near-death car accident that left him with a 5% chance of survival due to the severity of his injuries. Miraculously, Ben did survive and began on a journey of recovery and faith, where he endured many life hardships and setbacks, but was also taught many life lessons as he continued to overcome them. Then, during his junior year of college at the University of North Dakota, he was inspired to share his story, which led him to write his book 'Finding Faith in the Field'. After the release of his book, his career as a motivational speaker and health coach began to take off, which is where he is at today. Connect with Ben on LinkedIn here Check out Ben’s Book here #faith #4dathletes #youtube #video #live #lifeskills #sports #mentalhealth #mindset #optimalperformance #lifeskills #character #emotionalintelligence #EQ
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