Ben's autobiography, Finding Faith in the Field, released on April 6, 2014, which was exactly 7 years after his accident. 




On a cold April day, sixteen-year old Ben Hylden tried on his suit coat for the upcoming school prom, then sped toward nearby Park River, ND for an appointment. Running late and driving too fast, he lost control of his car on ice, flipped the car and was thrown out the passenger's door-plunging face first into an icy field.


Hylden's face and body were crushed beyond recognition, along with his dreams of being a basketball star. After being found by his parents in the field just minutes later and rushed to a nearby hospital, he was only given a 5% chance to survive due to the severity of his injuries.


However, as he dramatically surpassed the expectations of his doctors, he miraculously escaped his supposed death sentence and began on a remarkable journey of faith and recovery where he endured many life hardships, which ultimately taught him what truly matters most in life.



"I absolutely loved Ben's way of expressing his love of The Lord and his love and compassion of his family, friends and all others so fortunate to have been a part of his life experience. The book made me want to just pull up a chair and have a nice visit with him and personally encourage him to follow the path that has already been such a blessing to him and all of us."


Vicki K, Brandon, SD



"This book is a beautiful story of the love and faithfulness of Jesus Christ, and Ben's friends and family, through years of depression, doubt, and death. The pain and suffering found in Finding Faith in the Field display well the tension of the "already, but not yet" we now live in- already Christ has overcome satan, but He has not yet completely restored this world. Ben's transparency about his struggles and solutions will be refreshing to all who read this book!"


James Thorson

Overseas Missionary



"When I first picked up this book, I didn't realize what an impact it would make on me. Ben's story is something that everyone should read about. Whether its faith, determination, or believing that the best is yet to come, this book has something to inspire anyone who picks it up!"


Jordan Forfang

University of North Dakota



"This is such an inspiring book to everybody that reads it. Ben tells his story of the many struggles he has faced and how his relationship with Jesus Christ helped him overcome each one. Ben is sharing his story so that people struggling with faith can see that Jesus is all around us and that He will help people with their struggles. It is truly a great book to read!"


Josh Mellem

University Of North Dakota


"Wonderful and very inspirational. A story that has a little bit of everything. LOVED IT!!!!"


Kathy Klindtworth 



"Loved this book! What an amazing story Ben has to tell. God is good!"


Kelli Rae Lindell



"Finding Faith in the Field is a moving comeback story for all ages. Ben's ability to keep his faith on his difficult road to recovery is truly amazing. Great read for all!"


Michael Redlin



"Ben's story is truely amazing. It has helped me in my own struggle in finding my own faith with God and Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter what walk of life you are from or your religious views it is amazing story and a must read!"


Adam Redmann










"Ben Hylden's book Finding Faith in the Field is a paramount example of what can happen when tragedy strikes your life and all looks hopeless but a strong faith and perseverance turns disaster into a miracle. A weak faith is weakened by predicaments and catastrophes but a strong faith is strengthened by them."


Dale Brown

Hall of Fame College Basketball Coach