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Jesus replied, "What is impossible with me is possible with God."
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  Due to the severity Ben's car accident, he was only given a 5 percent chance of survival and endured many hardships and setbacks during his recovery that were supposed to hold him back in life, but with faith and determination; he has defied the odds and is now living a life that he was told would be impossible.


Through it all, he has many inspiring stories of faith, strength, hope, and perseverance, which have captivated and grabbed the hearts of many as he has spoken on the radio, television, at bible camps, bible studies, churches, high schools, colleges, and now through his book.

“Ben Hylden is everything AMAZING! He is thoughtful, honest, inspirational and a credit to his
family name and to the state of North Dakota. His faith is contagious because he doesn’t talk
at you, he talks to you. Whether it be speaking in countless events in front of live audiences or
moving people on WMAP Radio with his incredible story, he is a constant source of positivity.
If you want to see why over 50 thousand people voted for him as the World’s Most Amazing
Person of 2018, read Finding Faith in the Field.” 

KC Armstrong 




Radio Host



"I arranged for Ben to speak in front of 500 students at Oak Grove High School and he was truly amazing. The crowd reaction was phenomenal and many lives were changed because of Ben’s testimony. His speech was followed by a standing ovation when he left the podium, as the entire crowd was incredibly moved by what they had just heard. I have no doubt in my mind that Ben is truly an instrument of God, and his book and speaking will continue to change the lives of many as time goes on."


Josh Teigen

President and CEO

Crossfox Innovation



"Everything was going great for Ben Hylden, high school basketball star, until an accident nearly took his life and crushed his dreams. But he would say life is so much better now that his faith and people are what’s most important to him. Ben’s inspiring story has you right there with him as he builds new dreams and gains the persistence and strength to recover over and over again."


MaryBeth Lagerborg

Author of Nine Non-Fiction Books

Best Selling Author of Once-a-Month Cooking



 "Ben is capturing people of all ages as he shares the experiences he has had since his accident.  People come away from hearing his story with a renewed hope that God is there for us at all times.  Ben also helps people realize that things don't always turn out the way we would like them to; but God has a plan!"

Missy Ohe, Radio Talk Show Host 
The Missy Ohe Show



“The first time I heard Ben speak and tell his story it shook me straight to my core.  Ben has been given an incredible gift from God to be able to stand in front of any number of people and tell his story.  Ben is fearless when he speaks about his savior, Jesus Christ, and his experience that has changed him.  He has been given an amazing ability to talk to everyone and anyone about his faith intimately even if he doesn't know that person, his conviction is absolutely astonishing.  I've heard Ben speak numerous times in front of big groups, small groups, and just me, I can tell it’s not Ben speaking on his own, it’s the Holy Spirit speaking through him.”


Adam Redmann

University of North Dakota



"My name is Matt Cordes and I am the Director of Campus Ministries at Oak Grove Lutheran High School.  We had the privilege of having Ben come and speak to our students during one of our Chapels last year.  Ben did a wonderful job and truly engaged our students.  His message challenged the us to not just go through the motions of life but to seek God with everything we’ve got and to allow God to use situations and circumstances in our lives for God’s purpose and glory.  He’s book is a beautiful story of redemption and faith.  Ben as he has a powerful story to tell!"


Matt Cordes

Director of Campus Ministries

Oak Grove Lutheran High School



" The evening Ben was scheduled to speak at my parents’ church, I arrived early because I had been asked to sing.  As I was setting things up, others arrived and busied themselves with setting up tables and preparing a light potluck for after the presentation.  By the time 7:00 rolled around, the church was full of people visiting with one another, and it took some time for folks to find their seats.  The usual niceties and introductions were served, my partner and I sang our duet, and Ben walked to the front of the sanctuary.

        'Five minutes into Ben’s story, I looked around the room and thought to myself, “Well, by now no one in here remembers the song I just sang.'

       It’s easy to go about a routine day, expecting things to occur as they always do.  I imagine this is the mindset Ben had when he climbed into his car years ago and headed into town.  God has a way of shaking us out of our routine when He wants to get our attention, and Ben is a living testimony to this habit of His.  Ben’s message is one of success, ruination, sacrifice, and redemption. Every young man and woman needs to hear his story." 


Nathan Axvig
Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

Concordia College