Purified Health

"Live pure, live free, live joyfully."

Dr. Sawardeker and Benjamin at the lake during the Summer of 2017.

        In the Summer of 2013 after suffering a very painful and lingering injury to my lower back in the gym, I received heartbreaking news. I was diagnosed with a broken right si joint, sciatica in my right leg, and degenerative disc disease in my lower back and neck (Which they told me was incurable). To me, the news was absolutely devastating because I could barely walk and the pain was almost unbearable, and I thought I was done with that chapter of my life after overcoming all of my previous injuries that occurred in my car accident years earlier. However, even with my doubts and despair at that time, God once again had a plan.


        He inspired me to not give up or accept that there was no cure for my injuries. So throughout the last few years, I have researched, learned, and slowly healed to the point where I have overcome my injuries and gotten off various prescription medications by changing my overall lifestyle, mindset, and diet. This has now inspired me to help others with various health problems, so I am partnering up with Dr. Prasad Sawardeker, MD from Essentia Health in Fargo, ND to launch Purified Health. Our goal is to help each person individually with whatever health goal or problem they may have through specific diet plans and lifestyle changes. So if you are having any health issues at all, please contact me, so we can help!

Services we provide:

  • Personal Health Consulting 

  • House Cleansing (Depending on location)

  • Weight Loss Plans and Coaching

  • Individual Goal Orientated Health Plans

  • Monthly Life and Health Coaching

  • Superfood Diet Tips and Alternatives 

  • Individual Workout Plans








"Our mission is to help people get back to the basics of living a healthy lifestyle by consulting, coaching, and caring."